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Background Information
Background Information
Jean Vanier's effect on Canada
Contributions-Global Affairs

*Canadian, born  on September 10th 1928 in Geneva Switerland, son of the late Governor General of Canada, Georges P. Vanier.

*Educated in England and Canada for several years

* He attended the Royal Naval College of Dartmouth; He was with the British Navy, then with the Canadian Royal Navy during WW2.

*In 1950, he resigned from the Canadian Navy, went to France and worked on a doctorate in Philosophy which he received from the "Institut Catholique de Paris", on Aristotle.

* He became a member than a director of a Laic community close to Paris L'eau vive.

* He then spent one year at La trappe Bellefontaine, one year on a farm and two years in Fatima.

* He taught in Toronto for a short time.

*In 1964, the father Thomas Philippe, a Dominican,  provoked Jean to  to settle in Trosly, close to Paris, where he was a chaplain of a center for handicapped people.

*He  bought an old run-down house, which was baptized The Arch (L'Arche) and opened it on August 5, 1964 for the poor and rejected people of society.





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