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Contributions-Global Affairs
Background Information
Jean Vanier's effect on Canada
Contributions-Global Affairs

Jean Vanier has primarily promoted equality among people and belongness, as well as acceptance and love.

* After Jean Vanier resigned from the Navy and went to Paris to recieve his doctorate in Philosophy, he opened the first L'arche home. He opened the first community in 1964 with two men from an institution, who had developmental disabilities.  He invited them to live with him in Trosly-Breuil, France. L'Arche is a french word for "Ark" taken from the old testament story of Noah. L'Arche was named in such a way because it signifies a place of refuge, of salvation from the flood"

What is L'arche Today?

 L'arche is a community with men and women who have developmental disabilities, many coming from psychiatric centers. From the original community in France (established in 1964), 103 other communities have been founded throughout the world, in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

* In 1968 in Marylake,Ontario Jean Vanier established "Faith and Sharing".

What is "Faith and Sharing" Today?

"Faith and sharing" is a community where people gather once a month for sharing around the Gospel, and where everyone is welcomed.

 * In 1971, with Marie Helène Mathieu, Jean Vanier founded " Faith and Light".

What is "Faith and Light" Today?

"Faith and Light" is a community that meets regularly: people with disabilities, their parents and friends.

* Today Jean Vanier spends much of his time counseling, encouraging and accompanying assistants in their personal journey in L'Arche. He still makes his home in one of the homes in Trosly but he is called to travel a great deal, to visit other communities of L'Arche, to encourage projects for new communities, to give lectures and retreats.

































































































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